Designer Fabric Procurement for Custom Cushions, Furniture Upholstery, Fabric Headboards and Bedheads

Reupholstering your furniture and refreshing your bay window squabs and cushion covers is one of the most impactful ways to give your room a brand new look and add interest to your space, but it can be difficult to know what type of fabric you need for your project and what design will look best with your existing decor.

If like me, you have a slight chair obsession (no other type of furniture comes in as many styles as the humble chair and they have a habit of multiplying!), you may have old dining chairs to beautify, or perhaps you have a well-worn armchair with plenty of life left that could use some TLC, or maybe you’ve got your heart set on a custom fabric headboard?

I’ll help you choose a stunning designer fabric that compliments your home decor, I source contemporary neutrals, retro reprints, luxury velvets, on-trend prints and everything in between, for a designer look that will stand out among the many mass-produced offerings of today (no more going to your friends house and seeing the same cushions everywhere!).

I’ll take care of the fabric ordering, sharing my designer discount with you (where applicable), and recommend excellent upholsterers and furniture restorers that will ensure a high standard for your furniture. I can also supply the fabric directly to you if you prefer.

Available nationwide, $75 per hour, send me a message here, I’d love to chat with you!

Kelly xx

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