5 Stylish and Resilient Houseplants for Busy Auckland Homes (and no, they aren’t cacti!)

Interior styling

If you want to bring some life into your interiors, there’s no better way than with indoor plants! Selecting houseplants can be a little daunting at first, but if you choose wisely you can avoid any untimely plant fatalities and enjoy the natural benefits that indoor plants bring, such as improved air quality, feelings of relaxation and increased creativity.

Read on for the Top 5 most resilient houseplants for Auckland homes!

The Meaning of Popular Paint Colours – What Does The Colour Of Your Front Door Say About Your Personality?

Interior design

First impressions count, whether it’s bold or subtle, your front door could be saying something about you and your home’s personality. It’s an often overlooked place to make a style statement for your guests and adds some serious curb appeal, too.

Read on for the meanings of popular paint colours!