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There can never be enough baby clothes! It’s possibly the best type of shopping. And that’s why even though you probably have a drawer full of tiny human clothing gifted to you already, I highly recommend buying some special clothes that are exactly to your taste.

Buying some baby clothing yourself will ensure that you fill any gaps in your new bubs wardrobe, like the all important neutral onesies, as well as making sure bub’s closet is fit for the season (particularly important for winter babies but also frustrating if you’re gifted wooly hats and jackets in the peak of summer).

Ensure you have a range of sizes and styles, as many baby shower gifts are often newborn sized and bubs may grow out of these quickly! You also may want to chose baby a special ‘coming home’ outfit to pop in your hospital bag and these brands are perfect for that.

Here are my favourite aesthetic clothing designers for babies and toddlers, brands that use organic cotton and are available online or in boutiques around New Zealand:

Jamie Kay


Buck and Baa


Nature Baby

Quincy Mae*

Snuggle Hunny Kids*

Aster & Oak*

*it’s best to google search the brand to find NZ boutiques carrying this range, since there are no NZ based home pages for brands denoted with an asterisk

Some of the non-toxic baby and toddler clothing brands mentioned above have a core range of muted colours that pair effortlessly together for easy mix and match, some are big on delicate floral patterns, brands like Huxbaby have colourful illustrated designs, while others may offer matching mama and baby outfits. Choose the brand that best compliments your style.

Enjoy your shopping! If you would like to know more about styling for baby’s closet and nursery let’s chat!

Kelly xx

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