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I’ve always found it interesting that the colour combination red and green is usually reserved for only one month or the year (although malls and supermarkets would have us believe otherwise, thrusting Christmas into our faces well before Halloween has even begun). Try and use red and green in any kind of interior design that was not specifically holiday related and you’re channelling Christmas whether you like it or not.

Retailers may suggest there is only one “right” way to decorate your tree for the holidays but I’m here to tell you there are no rules!

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Sometime in December I’m reaching my maximum tolerance for red and green coloured everything, reindeer antlers and “snow”. The latter is particularly confusing for me, having never experienced a winter Christmas myself (maybe I will one day!). I’m not sure why NZ stores are filled with flocked xmas decor – it’s a bit of a disconnect when we’ve got frosty white decorations on the tree and the sweltering summer temperatures are in the 30s outside!

Sure, we can do the whole snowy decor thing, or we can let festive red and green be centre stage, or some kind of kiwiana beachy jandal theme like every corporate Christmas card I’ve ever received. There are also the highly admired tastefully decorated trees with glam glitter and gold fluffy angels and that’s lovely of course, but it can be expensive to deck out a 12 foot tree in perfectly coordinating shimmering gold baubles and it can take years to build up this sort of collection.

My tree is only half decorated this year, thanks to my inquisitive toddler, no decorations are permitted on the bottom half of the tree (her rules).

Toddler-friendly tree with no pretty glass baubles!

This year I’ve got miss 1’s handmade glitter explosion, lovingly made at playgroup, hanging centre stage, as well as a random assortment of unbreakable ornaments, such as the little santas from the feet of her Christmas onesie last year, (I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of her first Christmas pjs so I stuffed them, tied on a ribbon and now proclaim they are decorations). Yes it’s purple and no, I won’t ever get rid of it although I do have a green Christmas tree as well. Other highlights on my tree include a bauble saying 2020 (for good measure and good riddance) and cardboard cut-outs of breakdancing cats wearing santa hats (like I said, there are no rules). Not exactly the tree of my interior design dreams but it sure has personality!

So if we’ve had enough of the traditional red/green combo, fake snow and gold glitter covering every inch of the house, where does that leave us? Here are some ideas for some unique tree styling, in colour palettes that are anything but predictable.

  1. Colourful Pom Pom Tree
  2. Metal Silhouette Tree
  3. Rainbow Ombre Tree
  4. Dried Florals and Fruits Tree
  5. Chic Black Tree
  6. Floral Paper Leaves Tree
  7. Outdoor Tree
  8. Succulent Garland Tree
  9. Nordic Wooden Tree
Style tip: You can paint your existing baubles to compliment your interior!
image via Collective Gen

Use the above as inspiration and create your own Christmas theme and colour palette! Your Christmas decor can reflect your personality just like any thing else in your home. Get in touch and we can chat about your custom xmas style!

Kelly xx

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