In the interior design world, cold grey walls are out, and warm neutrals are in. The polarising shade of beige is having a moment, from fashion to interiors. It’s traditional and it’s “safe”, there’s a reason that Resene Half Tea was a quietly popular paint colour for so long. There is a need to soften up our living spaces, and as one of many earthy neutrals, sure, beige can do that.

Beige doesn’t offend anyone. It’s commonplace in rental homes, every room likely slathered in the same shade. But it also doesn’t inspire, people generally don’t exclaim “BEIGE!” when asked what their favourite colour is.

Beige-on-beige in fashion, it’s not for everyone.
Image via Harper’s Bazaar

b e i g e by another name…
cappuccino, egg shell, camel, tan, ecru, taupe, sand

Beige has got a bit of a following. But beige is limited. Have you ever wondered what else is out there in the world of soft neutrals? Let me show you.

I have a personal policy when it comes to paint colours, and that is – I don’t choose beige.

I have nothing against folks who adore their beige painted walls, if you have beige walls and you want to keep them, that’s totally fine, truly, I am just probably not the right interior designer for you. There are also certain situations when it’s not possible to repaint a beige room and that’s ok, too.

What if you have beige-toned interior accessories? Great! Timeless, organic, natural, there’s a lot to love. If you want to let neutral accessories shine on their own, I suggest painting the walls in fresh white (not more beige).

“Beige is like yellow… but with the joy sucked out of it!”

White walls allow breathing space for neutral accessories. Image via Pinterest

So if you’re looking for something a bit different, something bold, something a bit more whimsical, or something that requires colour confidence, I can help. That is my speciality, after all. I take cues from client’s personalities in order to suggest colours that suit their homes, their lives, and themselves. And I’ll always advocate for colour when I can!

By staying away from the so called “safe choice” of beige walls, it’s actually easier to incorporate colours. There’s no colour that doesn’t work in your home. It’s all about how you play with it. If you have a favourite colour in mind, I promise you can have a home that is a beautiful ode to that.

If you’re interested in an interior paint colour consultation, please feel free to send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!

Kelly xx

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