If you want to bring some life into your interiors, there’s no better way than with indoor plants! Selecting houseplants can be a little daunting at first, but if you choose wisely you can avoid any untimely plant fatalities and enjoy the natural benefits that indoor plants bring, such as improved air quality, feelings of relaxation and increased creativity.

The following resilient indoor plants are all easy-care (they don’t ask for much), they are low stress (if you’ve had a hard week and forget to water them, they will survive!), they are affordable and readily available from local New Zealand garden centres, and, of course, they are big on personality!

MONSTERA aka Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera deliciosa)*

Luscious, tropical, on trend, the Monstera is a bold and eye-catching interior statement that your guests are sure to notice. Originating from the tropical forests of Mexico and enjoying humid conditions, they make great bathroom plants if you have the space for them (just be aware that they grow to be quite large! Their leaves may require ties for support). If you are keeping your Monstera in a dryer area, try placing a tray of damp pebbles under the pot to up the humidity. Water every 2 weeks, or whenever the soil is dry to the touch, they will happily tolerate the odd missed watering!

ZZ PLANT aka Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas)*

The glossy ZZ plant is especially tolerant of low light, meaning it’s useful in sprucing up any space which doesn’t get direct sun, such as south facing rooms, or even in windowless rooms with no natural light at all. This hardy plant will also grow happily under heatpumps (which can dry out less tolerant plant varieties) and is suitable for the forgetful among us, the ZZ plant doesn’t need a lot of water, it will actually do better if you leave it alone! Aim to water it around once a month (or whenever you remember!).

SNAKE PLANT aka Mother In Laws Tongue (Sansevieria)*

Another plant that is heatpump-friendly, the faithful Snake plant will survive almost anywhere you put them, adding vertical interest to a vignette and are perfect for styling narrow spaces. Snake plants also purify nasties from the air, and give out oxygen during the night, making them ideal for bedrooms. To keep your Snake plant happy water it sparsely (about once a month), take care not to get the leaves wet and ensure sure the soil dries out fully between waterings. The Snake plant likes to be snug in its pot and doesn’t require frequent on-potting as some other fast growing plant varieties do – this is a plant that thrives on neglect and will be all the happier for it!

RUBBER TREE PLANT aka Rubber Fig (Ficus elastica)*

Rubber Tree plants come in various colours with variegated leaves ranging from deep green, to dark red, to cream. A rubber tree plant does well near a window, ideally with sheer curtains or blinds creating indirect light. Water once or twice a month, regularly wipe down the glossy leaves with a damp cloth to remove any dust and treat the plant to a mist spray when possible. Rubber Trees can grow to 30m outdoors (but thankfully will only grow to a much more manageable height indoors, use a wooden stake to support the plant during growth if necessary!).

HEART LEAF PHILODENRON aka Sweet heart Plant (Philodendron hederaceum)*

Surely the most romantic of all Philodenrons, the Heart Leaf Philodenron has a name meaning “love tree” in Greek and has lush, heart-shaped leaves. Your philodenron ideally needs to be kept out of strong or direct light, try hanging one as a trailing plant in your bathroom (or you can also train the plant to grow upwards as a climber). The sweet heart plant only needs a little light, a little water (allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering) and a maybe little admiration for good measure (which comes easily, they are adorable!).

To give your new addition the best shot at a healthy life in your home make sure to follow any additional instructions on the plant care label!

For more information on interior styling or for help selecting suitable indoor plants to become a new plant parent, please get in touch, I love to chat about interior plants!

Kelly xx

*Keep houseplants away from pets and children – Rubber trees, Snake plants and ZZ plants are poisonous to both children and pets if ingested. Philodenron and Monstera are poisonous to cats, dogs and other pets if ingested.

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