First impressions count, whether it’s bold or subtle, your front door could be saying something about you and your home’s personality. It’s an often overlooked place to make a style statement for your guests and adds some serious curb appeal, too.

Painting your front door in a statement hue is an easy way to update your home and give a nod to your personal style.

Read on for the meaning of popular paint colours!

This romantic colour may reflect a generous owner who has great attention to detail and appreciates the finer things in life.

A unique colour choice for a front door, purple may suggest open-mindedness and has often been associated with royalty and wealth. Purple also evokes a feeling of whimsy and playfulness.

A red front door projects a vibrant, passionate and confident aesthetic, suggesting you’re full of life. Red front doors are especially popular in the UK and have a nostalgic link with history.

Behind an earthy orange front door, there is likely to be a social person who radiates warmth and wisdom, with an equally bright personality.

Cheery yellow front doors project optimism and suggest a fun loving, outgoing persona. A yellow front door suggests you are someone who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, and you probably have a great sense of humour too!

Soft teal suggests your creativity and emotional wellness, a sweet and calming choice for a front door.

A green door has an obvious link with nature and it’s likely that you have a beautiful garden to compliment it. A green front door also suggests safety, responsibility and care for your family and community.

Dark blue evokes a calm feeling of tradition and trust, your guests will feel right at home from the moment they arrive. Light blue is gentle and dreamy, hinting at your peaceful nature and easy-going attitude.

One to stay away from unnecessary decoration, a subtle grey door is a nod to your sophistication and dignity.

A natural brown front door may share your reliable, warm and welcoming personality with your guests.

A pure white front door likely reflects a neat and tidy home life, organised and serene in nature.

The colour of elegance, a black front door is as classic as a little black dress and generates feelings of timeless glamour. Black offers a hint of mystery and suggests you are not easily swayed by style trends.

Paint your front door a colour that makes you smile and you’ll be filled with joy every time you arrive home! If you need help choosing the perfect paint colour for your front door, (or any door for that matter!), please get in touch for a chat!

Kelly xx

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